Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa free download full movie

Directed by:  Eric Darnell
Produced by:  Mireille Soria
Written by:  Etan Cohen
Studio:  DreamWorks Animation
Release date: Nov seven, 2008
Running time: eighty nine minutes
Country: u.  s.
Language:  English
Size: 1.53 GB
Quality: HD

The film starts as a prequel, showing alittle a part of Alex's childhood, as well as his capture by hunters. It shortly moves to shortly when the purpose wherever the initial left off, with the animals deciding to come back to big apple. They board associate heavier-than-air craft in Madagascar, however crash-land in continent, wherever every of the central characters meets others of an equivalent species; Alex is reunited together with his folks. issues arise, and their resolution occupies abundant of the rest of the film.
The film won the 2009 Kids' selection Award for Favorite Animated film. The film was free posthumously when the death of Bernie macintosh World Health Organization voices "Zuba The Lion." The film reads: For our friend Bernie macintosh, thanks for all the laughter within the final credits.

As a cub, Alex the Lion was referred to as Alakay and was the son of Zuba, the alpha lion. tho' Zuba tries to show Alakay to be a hunter, the cub is a lot of curious about dance, and is captured by poachers once Makunga, Zuba's rival, challenges Zuba to a fight for the position of alpha lion. Alakay is forced into a crate, and brought away despite Zuba's makes an attempt to rescue him. The crate falls into the ocean wherever it drifts to big apple. There, Alakay is renamed Alex and sent to the green zoological garden wherever he grew up, meeting Marty the equid, Melman the Giraffa camelopardalis, and Gloria the river horse. The events of the primary film square measure then represented through a series of reports flashes.
In the contemporary world, Alex the Lion, Marty the equid, Melman the Giraffa camelopardalis, Gloria the river horse, the  , and Mort board a repaired heavier-than-air craft to fly back to big apple. The plane takes wing, however crash-lands in continental continent. In continent the animals square measure astonished to seek out a lot of of their kind. Zuba and his mother. Marty fits in with a herd of equid World Health Organization all look and sound specifically like him. Hypochondriac Melman becomes a necromancer. Gloria attracts the eye of a smooth-talking hippo named Moto Moto.
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