Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Nikon Capture NX v2.4.0-BEAN free downlaod full version

Capture NX a pair of easy-to-use package permits you to create intuitive exposure enhancements that area unit in real time visible on your monitor. merely place the management purpose on the world that you simply wish to edit and U purpose Technology can analyze color parts like hue, saturation and brightness, yet as acknowledge similar areas wherever associate degree edit would best be applied.This technology powers the complete Capture NX a pair of series of management Points: Color management Points, the all-new choice management Points, White/Black/Neutral management Points and fly management Points. With Capture NX a pair of, there isn't any have to be compelled to modify choice tools, layers or drawn-out coaching.

Color management Point:
Enhancements for hue, brightness and saturation area unit as easy as inserting a Color management purpose to your images, then adjusting the length of the sliders. as an example, Color management Points area unit remarkably convenient for dynamical the colour of flowers to higher result against inexperienced encompassing foliage.

Selection management Point:
This new perform allows you to use enhancements like Unsharp Mask or D-Lighting to a selected space with simply a click of the mouse. there's no want for exactness choice or masks - the choice management purpose acknowledges the areas you wish to change. The sweetening result will simply be adjusted, permitting you to use your chosen result as you'd with intuitive masking.

Auto Retouch Brush:
To simply come through a lot of natural-looking results, motor vehicle Retouch Brush permits you to take away mud spots on a picture employing a click and stroke to match the encompassing color and tones. this may even be wont to take away facial blemishes, imperfections on flowers, or alternative unwanted objects inside the frame.

Quick Fix:
A combination of ofttimes used tools as well as [Level and Tone Curve], [Exposure Compensation], [Contrast], [Highlight Protection], [Shadow Protection] and [Saturation] in a very single window.
Simultaneous gap of multiple settings:
You can open multiple image process settings at an equivalent time and create parallel method changes of multiple details.

Make sure before installing:
- Edit the file with pad of paper [hosts] - C: / windows/system32/drivers/etc/hosts
- Add the line:
- currently the program won't connect with the server and can not block key
- Install - setup.exe
- Run the program, enter the key from file serial.txt

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