Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Mars Needs Moms full movie free download

Directed by:  Simon Wells
Produced by: Henry Martyn fe Robert Zemeckis
Screenplay by:  Simon Wells
Story by:  Wendy Wells
Based on:  Mars desires Moms
Starring: Seth inexperienced
Music by:  John Powell
Cinematography: Henry Martyn Robert rock star
Studio: Walt Disney photos
Distributed by: Walt Disney Studios
Release date:  March eleven, 2011
Running time: eighty eight minutes
Language: English
Size: 1.39
Quality: HD

Milo may be a nine-year-old boy United Nations agency perpetually rebels against his direction mother and compulsive father , who, himself, is going away for a business trip. Summer is simply starting, and whereas milo maize needs his summer to be fun, his mother assigns him chores. once Milo's mother catches him breaking her "no broccoli with, no TV" rule, he grounds him for sends him to bed early. once a heated disagreement along with her, milo maize needs that he ne'er had a mother. Later that night, his want comes true once his ma is abducted by Martians United Nations agency arrange to steal her "momness" to rear their own young. The Martians, diode by their wicked supervisor are perceptive Earth mothers, passing up those that square measure too indulgent or unable to regulate their kids. They choose Milo's mother, supported her ability to command milo maize to require out the trash.
To rescue his ma, milo maize stows away on a space vehicle. Upon arrival on Mars, milo maize is secured up in a very room, however manages to flee down a garbage chute wherever he meets a tech-savvy subterranean-dwelling earthman named Gribble. Gribble helps him devise a thought to save lots of Milo's ma and find her back to Earth before Earth's night is up. sadly, the set up goes awry at a Martian stop, once milo maize is exposed and therefore the troops raid Gribble's hideaway, however milo maize is in a position to flee. whereas concealment from the guards, milo maize meets associate degree optimistic Martian named Ki United Nations agency is fascinated with Earth thanks to all its colours as critical the a lot of stern and sleeker Mars. milo maize makes it back to Gribble's hideaway, and discovers Gribble has been abducted by the Supervisor and therefore the Martians. once rescuing him, they take refuge beneath the tribes shaped by Martians United Nations agency square measure friendlier and free-spirited. Gribble confesses to milo maize however he aroused on Mars: twenty 5 years agone, the Martians elect Gribble's mother as a fine example to program their nannybots. Like Milo, Gribble stowed away, however did not rescue his mother in time and was stranded on Mars.

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