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Medieval II: Total War free download full version pc game

Medieval II: Total War, the indirect sequel to 2002's Medieval: Total War and therefore the fourth game within the Total War series from The artistic Assembly's Australian studio, could be a game of turn-based strategic rounds and period tactically-oriented battles, discharged in November 2006. the sport is ready between the years 1080 and 1530. just like the original Medieval: Total War, it focuses on medieval warfare, faith and politics in Europe, North Africa and therefore the Mideast. The time frame stretches into the time of the invention of the New World, and simulates the invention and conquest of terra firma. Medieval II is constructed on the code base of Rome: Total War

Similar to previous titles of the full War series, the sport consists of 2 modes of play: battles and single-player campaign. Battles are often contend in multiplayer, in user-defined situations, or in historical situations that simulate real battles like the Battle of Arsuf or the Battle of pitched battle. Battles also are featured within the campaign.

The campaign permits the player to assume management of a faction of the fundamental quantity, and build a civilization, each economically and militarily so as to beat alternative factions. Gameplay consists of dominant the faction's military, economic, and social systems in massive campaign maps. throughout the player's flip, armies, fleets, and agents are often emotional on the map. once a military engages another army, the player will opt to fight the battle in person within the battle mode, or mechanically calculate the result.

Each faction begins with a couple of (or a single) settlement(s), and should conquer others so as to continue growing. in contrast to previous Total War titles, there square measure 2 forms of settlements, every with totally different blessings and disadvantages: cities and castles. Castles have higher defensive capabilities and have access to a bigger choice of troopers as well as cavalry, infantry, and missile troops most of which might solely be obtained through castles, and for the foremost half square measure superior to town troops in terms of talents, morale, and combat statistics. However, castles generate less financial gain, cannot train as several monks as cities
Each faction incorporates a ruling family. Once male members of the family come back getting on at sixteen, they act as units which will be wont to govern settlements and lead armies in battle as generals. every character has attributes that confirm their artistry in each. A character's actions will have an effect on his attributes - as an example, a general World Health Organization habitually kills prisoners of war and exterminates captured settlements might even see his "dread" increase, creating him scary to foes.

Battle system
One of the most focuses on the full War franchise is its incorporation of battle inside the bigger sphere of gameplay. A battle consists of 2 or additional factions' armies fighting one another. Battles play kind of like those in Rome: Total War, with formations of varied forms of troops fighting. the target of the battle is to defeat the enemy army by utterly destroying it or inflicting the complete army to flee; in an exceedingly beleaguering battle.

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